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I thought I might catch your attention with that Blog Title. Don’t worry its not a put on or a hoax. We just published a new Anthology and are now opening the next volume to any would be writers who might like a chance at getting your story published. There’s no entry fee, though there are a few rules.

First, let me tell you what the Anthology is about:
Mythic Tales: City of the Gods - Is a collection of new illustrated stories featuring many of the gods of myth and legend. Travel to Olympus, the Celtic Realm, the Grand Pyramid of Horus and walk the streets of the City of the Gods. With tales of dark fantasy, touching pathos, swashbuckling adventure and humorous hijinx, you'll experience the many moods of the gods. With Mythic Tales by Randy Lindsay, Wendall Brown & Jefferson Swycaffer. Also includes 'forgotten' stories by Edgar Allan Poe, and Bram Stoker with numerous illustrations by legendary Gustav Dore. Also Perfect or for anyone who wants to read new tales about the classic deities of our past or as an introduction to the City of the Gods universe. Here’s the Amazon link to the book:

Eleven different writers contributed stories for the first Anthology and you can be in the next one. OK here are the rules…

Audition Guidelines

What is required:
Read City of the Gods: Forgotten and Mythic Tales.
Familiarity with the Map Pack is not necessary, but recommended as it contains important details about the City's layout and locations.
No previous publishing credits are required, but if you have them, please let us know.

What to send (2 Options)
Send a 500 word writing sample featuring D'Molay encountering any god or goddess of your choice. The scene must take place in the City. This sample need not be part of a complete story that you wish to submit if you successfully complete the audition process and are invited to do so.
Send a description of the story you want to write for the next Anthology. The story should include at least one of the characters that appears in City of the Gods: Forgotten.
A brief sample of some of your story writing would also be helpful.

Your reward
All submissions that follow the rules will receive an exclusive City of the Gods souvenir crafted by co-creator Wynn Mercere.
Some writers will be invited to submit a story for Mythic Tales 2 (to be published in 2013). Invitations will contain complete details on that process.
Writers whose stories appear in Mythic Tales 2 will relieve a credit for writing the story and a contributor’s copy of Mythic Tales 2, plus a special City of the Gods prize.
It’s a great way to get a publishing credit and visit the gods at the same time.

How to submit
Email your audition to as a Microsoft Word .doc file or PDF attachment. Please include an email address you check regularly so that we can contact you.
Deadline for auditions is September 30, 2012.

All right, so there you go. Now’s your chance to get your first publishing credit, no tricks, no fees, just write a good story that fits in our little universe.

Are you up to the challenge?…

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