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City of the Gods: Guardian, the second book in the series is now at Kickstarter!

For those of you who don't know what Kickstarter is - It's a website where you can propose creative products (in our case an illustrated novel) and where your friends, fans and even just the curious can pledge money to help you complete the project. 

We are hoping that YOU will go there and do your part to help keep the myths alive.  You can pledge as little as a dollar or pick among great things up there you can pledge for including a signed & numbered Advance copy of the new…


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MYTHIC TALES - Authors Dinner

We just had the MYTHIC TALES Authors Dinner tonight! Contributors to our new Anthology came to celebrate the publication of the book and received their contributors copy and a great Chinese dinner, courtesy of my good graces.
Wendall Brown, Randy Lindsay, Ken St. Andre, Steve…

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Get Published in our next Anthology!

I thought I might catch your attention with that Blog Title. Don’t worry its not a put on or a hoax. We just published a new Anthology and are now opening the next volume to any would be writers who might like a chance at getting your story published. There’s no entry fee, though there are a few rules.

First, let me tell you what the Anthology is about:

Mythic Tales: City of the Gods - Is a collection of new illustrated stories featuring…

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D'Molay is Followed - A Fight in the City of the Gods

D'Molay is Followed: A Fight in the City…


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Chapter Sample - In the Temple of Glaucus

Some of you have read the first chapter at so here then is an excerpt from another chapter for your perusal... Let us know what you think Scott & Wynn


D’Molay had seen many Greek and Roman buildings in his travels, but there was something different about this one besides its state of disrepair. It was more primitive, as if it had been erected with little thought to its design. The columns were less intricately carved… Continue

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