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Pantheon of the Gods - Prequel to City of the Gods...

A lot of you may not know about these books which were released as comics several years before the novel was released.  Due to the interest in City of the Gods, we have released these books at Drive thru Comics as downloasdable pdfs.  Issue 1 and 2 have been available for a while as regular comics, but we never published the conclusion to the story... until now.  And it now directly connects into the novel, so you can see how some of the characters, like Tenh-Mer. Set, Sekmet, Zeus, Ares and Tara end up the way they do when we meet them in the novel.  The comics also answer a few other questions left unanswered int he novel, like what happened to the Cold Realm Barrier and the current council.

Here are links to each book there.

Pantheon 1 

Pantheon 2

Pantheon 3


We hope that some of you who have read the comics will tells what you thought od the new, long-awaited issue 3...

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Just to chime in, we are really pleased with how this "prequel" concluded and hope you will appreciate the way it ties into City of the Gods: Forgotten. Part three would have made a great comic book, but I think it made an even better illustrated short story. 

I just heard from our artist, that Pantheon 3 is now at the printers and he will be selling them at San Diego ComiCon.  They'll also be available on Amazon and at our new City of the Gods Cift Shop.  IF you haven't been there yet, take a look...

This is great news. I will be attending SD Comic Con this year. I look forward to talking to S. S. Crompton and picking up The Last Goddess along with the Pantheon 3 comic.

Pantheon 2 and 3 were both fun reads! I didn't mind the illustrated text format for the finale, as that seems to have enabled you guys to get a lot of storytelling in. It was also neat to see the sci-fi elements being worked in, as I attempted with Kaman’s Motherbox in the "Wanted: Mordecai" story for Mythic Tales.

Lord Ghede makes for great visuals, especially his flying coffin. I liked all the background details in Set's catacombs, and it was cool to see scenes of contemporary Earth worked in. So is Tara the only one who knows about and travels via the Stream of the Universe? (If so, lucky she didn’t let Set know when he was shapeshifter-disguised).

And I don’t know much about fairy lore, so it was a unique thing to see how they seem to alter their appearance according to who they hang out with, especially when Demi is near.


I always enjoy seeing Demi in the COTG stories, and these were no exception. Tho she seemed even more dimwitted than usual for not checking the other side of the sign obelisk for text before falling asleep like Dorothy in the poppy fields. The part three wrapup was a very satisfying conclusion, especially considering how the project only evolved after many years with only partial publication, the apparent loss of Seppo as your penciller, and the cancellation of the original printed comic plans that threw work on the finale into limbo for so long.


So now we know how Kit-Ra’s exile ended and how she and Demi came to their situations in COTG: Forgotten. The color illos in the Long Night of a Cat Goddess were very cool.

I particularly enjoyed the “Whatever happened to?” text wrap-ups after part three, tying up the loose ends and connecting these tales to the novel and anthology. The descriptions of all the locales seems like a good idea too, as they really add depth and context to ALL the COTG stories.


Thanks again for all the fun reading!

I won't make it to SDCC unless I win tickets/trip in a couple of contest I entered. Sadly, there's probably a better chance of me hitting the lotto first . . .

Robert Kassebaum said:

This is great news. I will be attending SD Comic Con this year. 

It was gratifying as a writer to be able to conclude Pantheon properly after all these years. I was able to find my original script (on a 3 1/4" floppy disk!) and remind myself of the direction of the story. Then, with a critical eye toward what we had since done in the City of the Gods Universe, it was pretty easy to make everything line up.

Our favorite Demoness was a bit goofier back in those days, but she's had many a year to wise up since then. ;-) 

Jay Allen Sanford said:

Pantheon 2 and 3 were both fun reads! I didn't mind the illustrated text format for the finale, as that seems to have enabled you guys to get a lot of storytelling in

It was well received at Comic Con and our artist sold a bunch of them as well as giving some to reviewers.  It was very gratifying to see that storyline finally wrapped up. and especially getting it to better connect to the novels.  We set up this issue so that it could stand alone and you wouldn't have to have issues 1 & 2 to enjoy the final issue.  Not sure who Demi and Kit-Ra are though...  Meanwhile here's a piece of art from the book...


I would like to thank City of the Gods artist Steve Crompton for holding both The Last Goddess and Pantheon #3 for me to pick up at this year's Comic Con. I was lucky to score passes for all four day, and I spent most of those four days talking to Steve about the up coming City of the Gods: Guardian and other projects he's involved with. I really enjoyed how Pantheon #3 ties all the loose ends of the earlier 2 issues (from 1995 and 1997), and brings both Demi and Kit-Ra into the City of the Gods setting. I read (and enjoyed) The Last Goddess as a pdfs when it first came out, but I picked up the comic so I could read The Return of the Cat Goddess mini chapter. From what I understand, this comic is limited to only a hundred. Are there plans to reprint the mini chapter in the next anthology? It wraps up the Pantheon story line nicely, and it would be a shame for other fans to miss out on such a pivotal part of the City of the Gods universe.

Hello all.

I just wanted to let you all know that Pantheon #3 is now available at Amazon, if you wnat to add this final chapter to your City of the GOds collection.  Here is a direct link to it:


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