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At this point the novel is pretty much written. We are putting the polish on it and tying up a few small sub plot story lines, so we are pushing hard to get it done.  Wynn has woven all the scenes together into a complete narrative.  This is actually not an easy task trying to put each scene in its proper place.  Most readers think of books as a collection of dozens of chapters, but in fact (at least in our case) we see the novel as a collection of hundreds of scenes.  Many of these scenes take place in chronological order, but when you have over a dozen subplots and over 20 main and sub characters, each with their own part to play in the greater narrative, its actually fairly tricky to get them all in the right place.  Fortunately Wynn excels at this.  I think my strength is visualizing the larger plot and arc of the story.  We both write and each tackle different plot threads, often conferring with each other and making suggestions as we go. 

Meanwhile, Steve has been continuing to gather and create art for the novel and since the last book, he have been collecting numerous tomes of 19th century engravings that can be used and altered for the new book.  I think he told me the other day that he now has over 5,000 pages of images to choose from!  Many of these are illustrations by Gustav Dore of classic works like The Bible, Dante's Inferno, Don Quixote, Paradise Lost and Edgar Allen Poe along with many others. 

City of the Gods: Guardian is a dramatic book; the stakes are raised on all fronts. You’re also going to learn even more secrets about the inner workings of the Realms, along with revisiting many familiar characters from the first novel. Would you like a few non-spoiler plot hints? How about these: Zeus owes his brother an apology. The gods have a drinking problem. Mazu plays hide and seek. D'Molay and Tenh-Mer explore their animal natures. Set meets up with his sister. Intrigued? There's more!

We also have a new piece of art to showcase. Yes, Odin makes an appearance in the new novel and we'll discover something that has never before been revealed about this deity.  What will that be?  You'll have to wait for the novel.  We'll reveal even more art and hints of what’s to come in the City of the Gods: Guardian as we get closer to the publication date.  

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