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City of the Gods:Forgotten is Published! Get your copy

Yes it's finally happened.  City of the Gods: Forgotten is now available as a book on Amazon and CreateSpace!  It was a lot of effort to get it finished but we did it.  I am holding in my hands a printed copy of the book and it looks great. 

We can't wait to see what the rest of you think of the book once you read it  As we wrote it, we tried to stay true to the characters and what their motivations might be, but at the same time, we tried not to let the book follow the standard path to its finish. 

I think there’s a good mix of gods from different cultures that play part in the novel. For fans of the Greek gods there’s Zeus, Eros, Zepherus & Glaucus. Egyptian gods Set & Sekumet. Babylonian gods include Lamasthu & Namtar. And you also meet various Chinese, Norse, Indian, Mayan and African gods as the story unfolds. We tried to portray them very much as they might have appeared in classical mythology, but given each of them their own personalities and motivations.

In many books you can see what's going to happen before you get a third of the way through the book.  I don't think that will be the case when you read our book.  I won't say any more than that.  You'll have to read it to see for yourself.

The book ended up having over 90 illustrations, including works by Dore, Ingres, Leighton and many other classic painters from the 1600's to the late 1800's.  Many of the pieces have been altered to fit the story, so you'll have fun trying to figure out what was changed.

Anyway if you want to get the book, go to our CreateSpace page and order your copy today! Here's a special discount code you can use there to get $2 off... 3834P3T7   Just type that in the discount code box when you check out.  The book is $13.95 there.  Its 9 x 6 and 312 pages long.

Or if you already have an Amazon account got to our Amazon page and get it there for $15.95 (Sorry we can't sell it at a discount there.)

Ok that's the exciting News!  Thanks for all the well wishes and support.  We hope you get and enjoy the book!

M.Scott Verne

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We got this Review by James Walker and he gave us permission to post it, so here it is...

"City of the Gods: Forgotten
By M. Scott Verne & Wynn Mercere, Raven Press, January 2011 printing, $18.95 Trade Paperback

From the first, page CotG: Forgotten is packed with action, intrigue, and romance. In the course of this adventure, you will meet gods, heroes, and fantastic beasts from several different mythologies. Each character is written smartly and entertainingly, with personality quirks that set them apart from the standard run of the mill fantasy paradigms. OK, that is it for the standard literary bally-hoo. Let us get to the meat of the matter: Is it fun to read?

I can say without reservation that I had a blast reading this book, though it is a long one, its chock full of good writing, great action, and constantly twisting plot complications. The illustrations set the atmosphere of the world; using a combination of old world fine art and new age fantasy art. Recommending this to fans of mythology, fantasy, and good action and adventure stories is required, not just desired.

Do not get me wrong, this is not great literature. Cervantes will not have to worry about his station in the pantheon of great literary writers. Shakespear need not watch his backsides. I would think, however, that Stephen King and Piers Anthony might have to take care to avoid direct confrontation with these two story smiths. If you like good fantasy, if you are a fan of Lord of the Rings or Xanth or Andre Norton, you should definitely check out City of the Gods: Forgotten. I personally think you will be left wishing you had the sequel to start on right away, instead of waiting for its publication. Yes, there will be a sequel. All good fantasy requires expansion. It is in the nature of the beast. Do yourself a favor and get your copy as soon as you can, either for Kindle or in hard copy form. I will be keeping this one for the family library so that we will all be able to enjoy it again and again."

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