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City of the Gods: Guardian - progress report

The second City of the Gods novel, Guardian, is coming together. We are excited about sharing the further experiences of D'Molay as he quests through the realms to fulfill his promise to take the witch Circe's head to the Greek god Glaucus. A voyage on an air barge, an encounter with a sphinx, and an attack by minotaurs are just the beginning of the freeman's adventures. We are about 150 pages into the first draft of the book.

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Yes - in the new book we explore new lands and reveal deeper mysteries about the secrets of the Gods that could shake the entire Realm.  Its coming together nicely.  The second book starts just a couple of weeks after the first book ends, so it pretty much picks up right from where you left off reading.  There were several unfinished bits of business in the first book that are taken care of in the new one.  So get ready to revisit the City of the Gods...  

We got temporarily sidetracked by another new project we decided to get finished for the convention season; Pantheon of the Gods  #3.   Some of you may remember the two issues of this series that was published a few years ago.  it was meant to be a 3 issue series, but because of distributor problems the third issue was never completed.  We had a good draft of the script and some art actually finished but at the time, it was of no avail. 
Flash forwward a few years and after we finished the novel and started selling that, people took an interest in Pantheon once again.  And now with digital print on demand, we don't have to print thousands of copies anymore.  So we dedcided to revisit that series and tie it into the City of the Gods Universe and make it be a prequel to the novel.  So by the end of the comic many of the character are set up to assume their place in the novel.  Its working out very well and we should have this new comic out for San Diego Comic Con this July.

Wrote a scene with the goddess Bast and a Sphinx today.

Who are they and what are they talking about? 

Wait and see...



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