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Hello all,

It's been a long time since last updated you all on developments in the City of the Gods Universe, so now its time for some catch up.

As most of you know COG: Guardian came out and was well-received by fans of the first book. Since then we also can out with the second book in the Mythic Tales Anthology.  

This second collection of new illustrated stories features gods of myth and legend. Travel to the land of the Sidhe, the Greek Underworld, Jotunheim, home of the Norse giants, and walk the streets of the City of the Gods. You will also rediscover “forgotten” stories by Alfred Lord Tennyson and H.P. Lovecraft, with numerous illustrations by some of the great artists & painters of the past. Old gods, new tales, and timeless themes are waiting for you in the City.

If you haven't gotten your copy yet, here is a direct link to the Amazon page for it: [[]] 

Wynn Mercere also set up an Patron page where you can get some cards and other great City of the Gods items.  She's also expanded into the whole bitcoin phenomenon. Here's some more information about both of those developments:

"If you have been following our work, you know that our most recent book was published last month. Mythic Tales 2, a brand new anthology with returning and debut writers, is available from many outlets. You can even buy the PDF version with Bitcoin (visit for Bitcoin shopping). This year, we will be releasing the third novel in the series, City of the Gods: Ambassador, and moving into several new projects in the realms of gaming and comics.
To keep up with all this, Wynn Mercere would like to invite you to visit her Patreon page. If you want to be the first to know about new projects, get exclusive behind-the-scenes information and merchandise, and even win prizes, check out . There's a free bonus for everyone in the Activity Stream -- and you can help make more City of the Gods projects happen by becoming a patron and by sharing the page through your social media feeds."

Meanwhile we have been working on the third book in the series COG: Ambassador, which takes the current series to its shocking conclusion.  Thanks again for giving our books a read and being a part of our Universe by writing fiction, spreading the word and letting us know what you wanted to see more of!

Keep the faith - M.Scott Verne & Wynn Mercere

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